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Everyone enjoys a nice toy train layout.  These albums are of my layouts that I have made, some family & friends’ layouts and other public displays I have visited.

Howard’s Ridge Layout

Jeremy’s Columbia Layout

Jeremy’s First Hagerstown Layout

Jeremy’s Second Hagerstown Layout

Jeremy’s HO Hagerstown Layout

The new basement did not have adequate space to run O gauge trains and have a tv area as well, so I downsized to HO scale. 


4’ 4" x 20' dogbone. 24" outer curves, 19 1/4" inner curves. #6 switches provide interchanges between inner & outer loops. 2% grades on each end.  All Kato HO Unitrack.


I re-used the 4’ modules that I had built my last O gauge layout with.  It only took 5 of the old modules to do the HO layout, and I cut the middle ones down to the shape you see so I could have a comfortable amount of room to work and for people to stand and watch.

Doug Webster’s Train Garden